How do I care for and launder my RAGS?

We love the cozy hand-feel, breathability, and the low maintenance nature of cotton. We believe this is the best fiber choice for your kiddos. Due to the nature of cotton, a small amount of shrinkage may occur.

We strongly suggest washing RAGS items in cold water and tumble dry on low, or hang to dry. For best results, do not wash together with abrasive items, such as jeans or zippered items.

We do have a couple of styles that we recommend not drying. For example: Rainbow Holographic Film styles should not be dried. For any styles that have specific instructions, this will be noted on each product description.  

Do not use stain removers containing peroxide as it can cause garment discoloration.

Due to the dying and printing techniques used to create custom fabrics, color transfer may occur. We recommend washing items on their own prior to wear.

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