What do I do if my order is lost or stolen?

We hate when you don't have the opportunity to feel the magic of opening up your RAGS Package, whether that's if your order is lost or stolen. This is why we started offering RAGS Package Protection via Re.Do.

As long as you opt-in to package protection at checkout, your purchase will be 100% covered. Protection should automatically be added onto your order, forcing you to opt out if you are not interested in purchasing. 


Screen Shot 2024-03-12 at 6.40.43 PM.png

To protect your purchase and to make sure you get your goods, package protection is available for purchase and strongly encouraged. Rags cannot be responsible for replacing lost or stolen packages. 

To file a claim, please reach out to hello@rags.com and we will assist you with replacing your order.

*Please be advised that RAGS Package Protection will allow for up to three packages to be replaced. Each claim is handled individually and policies are subject to change at any time

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